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Welcome This demo website shows how pages exported from Xara Web Designer & Xara Designer Pro can integrate with XT CMS
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Dynamic Content via CMS

This section of text that you are reading right now is dynamic content that is being displayed by the CMS on a web page template that has been designed and exported from Xara Designer Pro. If you use Xara Web Designer or Xara Designer Pro you might recognise this website design as the "Alpha theme".

By logging into the CMS admin area it is possible to edit this website content using just your browser. To change page design and layout you can use Xara to publish/upload your page designs into the CMS. The CMS makes these processes as seamless and as automatic as possible so updating both content and page designs is quick and easy.

This is just a standard web page with some text but one of the powerful features of using a CMS is being able to automatically generate and display multiple web pages of item listings such as news articles or a catalog of products for an ecommerce website. With a single page template design the CMS can serve up an unlimted number of dynamic web pages. But you can also have different page templates and choose which ones you want to use for particular areas of your site to vary the look and layout of particular pages on your site.

Check out the rest of this demo website to see an example of what can be acheived using XT-CMS with Xara Web Design software.

XT CMS + Xara Web Designer Demo Site