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About The CMS is ouputting this page exactly as exported from Xara Web Designer without dynamic content. Note however friendly URL in the address bar that the CMS uses. Just one of the SEO benefits you can get by using the CMS on your website.
About XT-CMS XT-CMS is a flexible content management system for websites. What are the system requirements? The CMS runs on PHP so the host/server should have at least PHP v5 or above. A fresh install requires about 12mb of file space but of course more space is needed for template files, content and images. There is no need to setup databases, XT-CMS uses a flat-file database system so installation is really just a matter of uploading files, setting some permissions and cofiguring some settings. How does the CMS work with Xara Web Designer? Xara’s web design software is intuitive and easy to use for designing websites and it gives you a lot of design freedom. One the most important development goals with XT-CMS is to ensure as little impact as possible on the web designers method of desiging websites. We want to make it as easy as possible to include XT-CMS in any web developers workflow. For Xara users all you need to do is create your website as normal, then publish it to a theme folder in the CMS and that’s pretty much it. The cms makes some changes to the uploaded files automatically so they work properly with the CMS. If you want an area on the page to contain content served from the cms then just add a placeholder with the special tag {page_content }. There are other special tags you can use in placeholders to position things like a shopping cart menu etc. If you need to change your page designs in Xara just make your changes and upload again as normal. About Xara Web Designer Xara Web Designer and Xara Designer Pro are wysiwyg web design programs. For more info go to Xara Web Designer page on Magix.
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This demo site in Xara. Bright green areas are placeholders for dynamic content.
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© 2021 XT-CMS Demo Website This website is for CMS demonstration purposes only. CMS dynamic content, blog and ecommerce shopping cart system powered by XT-CMS All web pages in this demo site were designed and exported from Xara Designer Pro