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Mobile With XT-CMS you can serve an optimised version of your website for mobile devices.
Adaptive Technology for Mobile Devices If you view this demo site on a mobile phone you will see that the CMS delivers a mobile optimised version of each web page. Unless of course your mobile phone browser is set to display in desktop mode in which case you will see the desktop version. On a desktop computer the page layout will be much wider with bigger images and a wide navigation bar. Whereas viewing the same page on a mobile phone the page width will be smaller to fit the smaller portrait screen on the mobile phone. Images and the navigation menu are also considered and optimised to to consume less bandwidth and be more user friendly on touch screen devices. Whether you view this page on a desktop or mobile you will see it is the same frindly URL delivering the same page content but optimised for the viewing device. Beacuse the CMS uses dynamic page serving and adaptive web design methodology there are no redirects or complicated javascript code used to resize the page so bandwidth usage is also reduced.
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© 2020 XT-CMS Demo Website This is website is for demonstration purposes only. CMS dynamic content, blog and ecommerce shopping cart system powered by XT-CMS All web pages in this demo site were designed and exported from Xara Web Designer