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E-Commerce Shopping Cart System A demo of how XT CMS can be used with Xara Web Designer to create an ecommerce shopping cart website for selling products online. XT CMS includes CRM and full order invoicing system.

Online Store Demo

In the admin control panel for the CMS you have full control to set image thumbnail sizes and the number of products displayed per page. You can also setup subscription based products and create coupon codes for special offers. Although this demo theme uses a fixed width page design the product listings are full responsive and will stack automatically for mobile displays.

The shopping cart menu (above right) updates automatically as products are added to cart and can be positioned anywhere on the page using one simple template tag.

Fake Budgie
Available in a range of colors.
€30.00 €20.00 save €10.00
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Xara Designer Pro
Example product Xara Designer Pro for shopping cart demonstration purposes only.
Example Product
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Xara Web Designer
Example product Xara Web Designer for shopping cart demonstration purposes only.
Example Product
Canon Digital Ixus 300HS
An example product for CMS shopping cart demonstration purposes only. XT-CMS ecommerce CMS with shopping cart system.
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